Toolbox Essentials

September 23, 2014



When I moved to my new place, I immediately realized that I was going to need some tools. From hanging wall art to changing out hardware, it’s a good idea to have a stash of the basics on hand. And while I’m no handyman, this kit has everything I need.


one: tape measure – you know, measure twice, cut once!

two: level – to get all those pretty pictures nice and straight

three: pencil – seems obvious but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve measured something and spent 10 minutes searching for a way to write to it down

four: hammer – I think of him as the king of the toolbox

five: notepad – see number three

six: allen wrench set

seven: screwdriver

eight: needle nose pliers

nine: pliers


While you don’t have to purchase a whole set of tools, it’s a good idea to look at tools with interchangeable parts, like the screwdriver above. I have one screwdriver that I can change out with a flat head or phillips head depending on what I need.


Also, when buying one tool, consider buying a bunch of different sizes. It’s the same principle as the screwdriver above, and over time you’ll find you accumulate every size in each tool so you’ll have an extensive collection. Plus, you won’t have to pause a project to run out to the store for a tool.


Other little bits to keep on hand include picture hangers, thumbtacks, small nails and screws, anchors, and hanging wire. Many are sold in nifty little containers to keep you organized too.

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