Tips for Perfect Pancakes

April 20, 2015


Tips for Perfect Pancakes

Most mornings I eat oatmeal for breakfast, usually as quickly as possible while working at my desk. On weekend mornings though, I like to treat myself to pancakes and coffee. Over time, I’ve tried various techniques and recipes in hopes of making the perfect pancake, and I’ve found the following to be helpful:

Tips for Perfect Pancakes

Don’t over mix the batter. Whisk the ingredients together just enough to get the lumps out. Also, batter should be made right before cooking. Using previously stored batter can create a rubbery and flat pancake.

Sprinkle mix-ins like berries or nuts after pouring the pancake, instead of mixing into the bowl of batter. This ensures even distribution.

Tips for Perfect Pancakes

These tools are your friends. Use a measuring spoon to pour uniform pancakes, the whisk to blend a light batter, and a really good pancake turner to flip the cakes in one swoop. (Is there anything more disappointing than botching the flip?!)

Flip the pancake once it’s covered in bubbles and they start to pop. Flip only once for the fluffiest pancake.

Cook on a griddle with cooking spray or a nonstick pan.

Some of my favorite combinations include…

cinnamon, walnuts, honey
bacon, maple syrup
banana, pecans
blueberries, blueberry syrup
chocolate chips, walnuts



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