The Scent of Vacation

May 17, 2016

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Many of us are hitting the road (or sky) this summer and venturing out on much needed vacations. While we will inevitably snap a gajillion photos to commemorate the experience, I’ve discovered another way to keep the memories of travel fresh in my mind long after returning home…

I wear a different scent for every trip. They say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and I’m sure we can all recall a particular smell that transports us to another place or time. So, with every trip I go on, I change my perfume, or shampoo, or I bring back a scented souvenir that reminds me of where I traveled.

When I went to London and Paris, I used Aveda travel shampoo and the earthy scent reminds me of walking Hyde Park and a nice dinner in Paris. In Mexico, I tried this really smoky mezcal (the kind with a worm in the bottle!) and now every time I smell bonfire, it reminds me of that trip. In L.A., I bought a bergamot candle in a Keith Haring print at The Broad and it’s so fragrant, even unlit, that I’m constantly reminded of the west coast when I walk by it in my living room. For my upcoming trip to New Orleans, I’m taking a travel-size bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium to wear out at night. It’s sweeter and feels more grown up than my everyday perfume, and I think it’ll reflect the warmth of the city and summer perfectly.

There’s also something fun about switching up a scent or beauty product when traveling. It’s just another way to break the monotony of the everyday routine, which is what vacation is really all about, right? Do you have a scent that evokes a travel memory? I’d love to know…

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