The Bookstore is a Dangerous Place

October 2, 2014

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The other day I went in to the bookstore to pick up this little piece, and I quickly felt compelled to buy every book I laid my eyes on. It went something like this…

YES! I can make a new recipe this weekend after I buy and inevitably devour that new cookbook! Who cares if free recipes are posted all over the internet – I need this! 

OF COURSE I WANT A NEW NOVEL! I love a good thriller and look forward to reading it right after I finish the other three on my nightstand right now.  

I HAVEN’T READ THE NEW DOMINO MAGAZINE! Well, that’s just required reading… I can’t be behind the curve! I just can’t! Should I pick up British Vogue? …maybe I’ll just subscribe to W again… Ooo, Vanity Fair!

What is it about the bookstore that makes me want to read, learn and do everything? Frankly, I have a hard time cramming everything I want to do in a day, let alone when I feel inspired. I decided to stick to my list (okay, I got the Domino too) and added a few books to my wish list….

Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food // This pic really doesn’t do the book justice. It’s the prettiest color and I’d love to keep it on my kitchen counter. And, oh yeah, cook from it too.

The Vacationers // I’ve heard that this is the perfect beach read. Well, summer may be over, but my reading list keeps on…officially adding it to the roster.

The Sense of Style // I love how-to (and self-improvement, and motivational, AND… you get the idea) books, and this looks exceptionally interesting. It applies the rules of language and writing to modern scenarios, like social media outlets, and helps the author define his or her unique voice.

Broken Monsters // This looks like the perfect Halloween thriller: serial killer, suspense, she-hero detective. Count me in!

Do you have an ongoing reading list? I’d love to know what you’re reading!

PS. This was a great book, and the movie comes out this week!

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