Should I Cut My Hair?

October 20, 2014

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At my last hair appointment, I made a terrible mistake…

I didn’t schedule my next hair appointment in advance. I walked away, hair bouncing in the breeze, completely pleased and unable to fathom anything but Pantene commercial-worthy hair for weeks to come. Fast forward two months:  grays (yes, at the ripe old age of 29, I have gray hair), grown-out roots, split ends, and incurable frizz. I usually go in for a “tune-up” every six weeks or so, and seeing as how I’ve had basically the same haircut since high school, I figured it may be time to change it up a bit. Here are some possibilities I’m pondering:

1/ Wavy layers – Okay, this is basically what I have now, I just really like it on her. In a perfect world, my hair would like this everyday. In a perfect world.

2/ Bangs – Bangs are kind of a cheat. You can make a dramatic cut, but still keep the length of your hair. I’ve never been bold enough to do the straight-across bang, but I die for this side swept fringe.

3/ Center part – Listen, I tried the center part and it just does not look good on me. My hair is so fine it looks like I’m balding in a Bozo the Clown kind of way. I absolutely love this look on others, though. *Le sigh…

4/ The lob – I feel like this cut is kind of ‘so 2012’, but in a less dramatic angle would look really good. I like that it’s shortER, but not short. And when worn wavy, still looks naturally pretty.

So, what do you think? Any preferences? My appointment is not for another three weeks (eek!) so I have plenty of time to decide!

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