Pulling Off a Monochromatic Wardrobe

January 29, 2015


We’ve all been there – standing in your closet gazing at your wardrobe options for the day and wishing that staring would magically produce more clothes to choose from. I find this part of my morning routine more common in the cooler months, when the goal is warmth and comfort. So, to make life easier, I’ve been wearing more monochromatic looks to work, including these black pieces. When wearing one color from head to toe, there are a few tips for keeping the look modern…

Start with something structured. I love this blazer because because it’s more tailored than a cardigan but actually has quite a bit of stretch. The fine knit makes it perfect for work and casual enough to pair with jeans and flats on the weekend. Other tailored pieces include a full skirt or slim trousers. Start with structure first and then build with softer layers.

When wearing one color, texture is everything.  Vary textures like fur and lace to keep the look chic. I love the scalloped hem on this blouse and it pairs nicely with the blazer above or underneath a cropped sweater. I also love the idea of layering larger textures with finer ones, like a fine knit sweater with a chunky scarf. Or, if you’re really bold, a (faux) leather top under a blazer.

Leather is another texture you can layer when wearing a monochromatic look. A belt, leggings, or boots like these can add dimension to an outfit. I encourage a heel with a monochromatic look because the head to toe color extends the length of your body and makes you appear more slender (yay!). These boots are great because they work well with leggings, pants, and dresses.

So, don’t be afraid of all black everything. With a few modern details you can create a totally chic look without looking like you’re going to a funeral.

PS. These people wear ONLY one color, and it’s not black. And, little something extra.

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