Pillow Party

June 12, 2014

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one: west elm crewel circlet pillow cover | two: dwell studio scala persimmon pillow | three:  dwell studio otto tangerine pillow | four: west elm honeycomb crewel pillow cover | five: dwell studio kimono pillow | six: dwell studio kyoto trellis citrine pillow

I can’t stop looking at home decor! I’ve got the itch to redecorate and summer is my favorite season when it comes to design (and frankly, everything else in life). The simplest way to Summer-ize your home? Change up the textiles! Pillows, curtains, rugs, and throws are easily switched out seasonally and it’s fun shopping for the latest prints and colors every few months. Here are some of my favorite summer patterns and colors in cushions for your couch or bed.

Do you have a seasonal routine for your home? Or, do you find yourself gravitating toward certain colors each season?

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