People You Meet on Vacation

September 28, 2015



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I took this photo at the top of the Arc de Triomphe in 2013. It wasn’t until last week when I took a closer look and noticed the touristy folks that were all around me. I’ve been editing photos from this trip (it only took me 2 years!) and thought this one was really pretty. Just for fun I couldn’t resist labeling the typical touristy archetypes…

The Future Miss America – A tiny gal that will be more cultured and well-traveled by the time she’s ten than most adults I know. She doesn’t know how lucky she is, and if she’s from Europe, this jaunt to Paris is really nbd.

The Asians – there were A LOT of Asians in Paris. Especially at the Louvre. They took photos of fluttering pigeons outside the museum with their iPads. I just thought it was really interesting…

The Honeymooners – Battling crowds in a rainy and chilly Paris probably didn’t bother them one bit. Paris is the city of love, you know.

The Uber-Chic Euros – THIS IS WHY I WISH I WAS BORN EUROPEAN. It’s the whole French-girl-envy-thing. Men who still where fedoras (and not in a Jersey shore ironic kind of way), women in flattering trenches, tailored to a tee, aging ever so gracefully. *le sigh*

The Loner with a Camera – This guy is everywhere, man. Well, a version of him anyway.  He’s a loner. With a camera. Usually glasses. Sometimes in a Members Only jacket. Pretty straight forward…he’ll see you in your next selfie.

The Stray Tourist – Not always American, but can be identified as such by a hoodie, backpack, and puzzled look on his face… “Where’s Uncle Sal?” He’s the stray tourist.

The Opposite of the Uber-Chic Tourist – Listen, I’m not here to judge (well, maybe sometimes. I’m human.), but there is a very specific type of Euro and this person wears tight clothing with sporty undertones, sometimes it’s a soccer- excuse me, futbol jersey, accompanied by Pumas, all of which are neon. This person is generally incredibly attractive with very shiny hair and even shinier jewelry. “GOOOOAAAAALLLL!”

I love to people-watch whether I’m on vacation or right here in town. I always wonder what people think of Americans when something particularly heinous comes on TV (I’m looking’ at you, Kardashian Klan).

Welp, more later!


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