Payday Splurges

November 12, 2015



Ever since moving out out on my own, I try to stick to a strict budget. Some months I’m better at it than others, but there are some things that I love to splurge on after getting that paycheck. Before paying the bills and buying groceries, it’s a very small opportunity to feel rebellious. I like to buy small things that I don’t necessarily need, but that give me great if not temporary joy. Some of my payday splurges have come and gone, but here are a few of my enduring favorites…

Fresh flowers – A few things about fresh flowers: 1. To look at them gives me great joy. I don’t know what it is, but the pretty, colorful burst of life on my kitchen counter or bedroom nightstand provide a total mood boost. 2. I wish I could buy flowers every week, but I save them for payday because no one sees them but me, and at roughly $4 a pop, I rather have that dough in the bank. 3. And finally, Tallahassee’s flower market is nowhere near THIS, so I grab a bunch of mums or the carnations that look the least sickly at Trader Joe’s or Publix. I’m not going to blow a bunch of cash on semi-decent stems. Tip: Another time I like to fresh flowers is when I’m planning for company. I try to buy them a few days in advance so they have time to open up and really bloom!

Magazines – For awhile, I would count down the days until the next Real Simple hit newsstands, but no more. I like to purchase magazines sparingly, reserving them for a poolside Saturday, or when I need something to read on a plane. The content of my favorite mags can usually be found online so that’s usually where I get my fix (for free!). Every now and again though, it’s so nice to indulge on the real deal.

Candles – For awhile I didn’t have any candles in my apartment, but one gloomy weekend I bought a few and the glowing little jars made my living room feel so cozy. I think now that the weather will be cooling off (soon? please? God?) and the days will darken right after work, candles will be a must. I love incorporating lighting them into my nightly routine. The ones above are from Target, a store that has a great variety of scents and designs for not a lot of cash.

Car Washes – Rain in Florida is a weekly thing, so I’m not obsessed with driving a spotless car. But, I also don’t want it to look like I just drove out of a dirt pit. When needed, I’m able to wash my car for free at my apartment complex. But, every now and again, when I don’t feel like spending the time doing it myself, I run it through the car wash. I feel so guilty spending the 8 bucks when I know I could go home and do it myself, but then it’s done in 10 minutes instead of an hour, I feel so happy. And, that is why it’s a payday splurge.

Mani/pedis – This is along the same lines of the car wash. Over time, I have acquired all the accoutrements needed for a pretty bomb at-home mani/pedi. Every few months though, I like to leave it up to the professionals. Once they work their magic, I just maintain it until my next trip to the salon. It’s a not a splurge I celebrate every payday, but on certain holidays and at the beginning of sandal season, I love to give in to this extravagance.

Do you have any payday splurges? Do share!

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