Painting with Potatoes

January 20, 2015


Supplies :

all purpose paper



paint brush


paper plate (or something to put your paint on)


picture frame

Slice the potato into your desired shape. I went super simple this time and made a circle with one slice of the potato. Paint a thin coat of paint on the potato and stamp on the paper. Repeat until your heart’s content.

On my first try, I used a smaller potato and twisted it as I stamped to create a blurred texture/swirl effect. I love the color but unfortunately did not map out my space very well. When I framed it with the mat, it looked… very homemade.

On my second attempt, I made two slices into a slightly larger potato. I also outlined the mat opening on the paper with a pencil to ensure proper spacing, and used a richer blue so it looks a little more indigo chic and a little less finger paint blue.

And ta-da! I’m pleased with the finished project, which is now hanging in my entryway.

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