November Beauty Buys

November 24, 2015




This month, I’m gearing up for the cold weather by washing my hair less and using hydrating shampoo and dry shampoo for those in between days. I’ve also found an amazing moisturizer for my skin, and the best brow pencil…

Smashbox brow tech matte pencil // Okay, my sister has amazing eyebrows. Inspired by her technique, I picked up this brow pencil and haven’t looked back since. It’s a matte pencil at one end and a blending spoolie at the other. At first, I was nervous to do anything other than takeaway from my brows, but the spoolie allows me to blend the pencil for an amazingly natural finish. My brows are thicker and more uniform (without looking like Frida Kahlo).


Pureology dry shampoo // I think I’ve tried every dry shampoo under the sun and this is by far my favorite. As a brunette with fine hair, a lot of sprays are heavy, white powders that weigh hair down or dry it out too much. This dry shampoo SMELLS AMAZING(!!!!) without leaving my hair a faint gray.


Pureology hydrating shampoo // In preparation for the winter dry out, I’ve not only tried washing and heat styling less, I splurged on a color saving shampoo and conditioner. My stylist uses Pureology on me and while I can’t quite recreate her impeccable blowouts at home, this helps. This shampoo leaves my hair smoother and shinier than ever before. And I’m hoping it combats my crazy static hair come January!


CeraVe moisturizing cream // My dermatologist recommended this cream for my dry face and let me tell you, it is like a drink of water to dry skin. It’s heavier than lotion (but not greasy!) and I love to put it on my face, knees, and elbows before bed. It’s the perfect way to keep skin soft all winter long.


3 thoughts on “November Beauty Buys

  1. Sharon

    I live in the SW and it’s been a very cold, dry winter here. I actually stopped washing my face in the morning and just splash warm water on it now, which has helped. I’m looking for a good moisturizer to use in the morning that isn’t greasy. I found a coconut based shampoo and conditioner at Target (Renpure Solutions) that have been great. They also have a conditioner shampoo (doesn’t foam up) that is amazing. I’ll definitely try the CeraVe moisturizer and the dry shampoo. Love your blog!

    1. Amy Post author

      Hi, Sharon. Thanks for the recommendations! I will have to look in to trying Renpure. Luckily, Florida winters are not nearly as dry as the southwest. I hope you like CeraVe as much I do. Thanks again for the comment!


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