New Favorite Show

December 1, 2014


Have you been watching The Affair? It’s a new Showtime drama that tells the story of Alison and Noah, who meet in Montauk during the summer and begin an extramarital affair. Alison is a local waitress married to Cole. Both Alison and Cole have deep roots in the community and are struggling to overcome tragedy. Noah is a teacher and writer from Brooklyn vacationing with his family at his in-laws’ for the summer. What makes the show interesting is that one half of the episode is told through Noah’s perspective, and the other half through Alison’s. There are subtle changes in characters’ appearances and events that explain the perception of the storyteller. What’s more fascinating is that Alison and Noah are telling the story of their affair to a detective investigating a murder. Each episode reveals a little more about the crime and about the affair. I find it all very dark and fascinating.

The show airs on Sunday evenings and just got picked up for a second season. You can read more about it and watch the first episode here.

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