December 4, 2014



So, I was at the market one evening and…

I noticed the most handsome guy. I mean, really good-looking. Tall. Square-jawed. Scruffy.  Baseball hat… I think I have a type… Anyway, I was standing behind him in line (glaring obviously at his left hand – no ring, btw) and he turned around a few times and made eye contact. I smiled and noticed he was buying a home brew beer kit. Even better. I proceeded to the register behind him (so our backs were to each other). After checking out and almost bumping in to each other I thought, “If this was a movie, this would be the cutest meet-cute.” We walked out of the store together and went our separate ways though. I had this pulling feeling that I was missing an opportunity, but it seemed this one wasn’t meant to be. Besides, I spent way too much time wooing instead of being wooed in my last relationship, so the next one isn’t gonna go down like that, yahknowwhatI’msayin’? But ever since that tarot card reading, I can’t help but remain hopeful that my meet-cute is still out there…

Do you have a meet-cute story? I love hearing how couples meet for the first time!

PS. How will you meet your significant other?

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