Lovely Lashes

February 9, 2015


Everyone has a physical trait they like most about themselves. For the longest time I liked my toes best. They’re cute and in descending order – very organized, just like me. Over the years though, I’ve received compliments on my eyelashes, and after venturing through some pretty awful beauty trials, have grown to love them most. So, here’s a glimpse at my morning routine for naturally lovely lashes.

Quick tip: I warm my mascara with body heat by placing it in my shirt while I apply my foundation, etc. and do my hair. This makes for a smoother application and less clumping on the wand.

First step, curl those lashes. I cannot stress this enough: buy a quality eyelash curler. One time I wasn’t paying attention and literally chopped my eyelashes off with a crappy eyelash curler. MY EYELID WAS BALD for like two months. Friends said they couldn’t tell, but I knew the truth. It was traumatic and I have only recently returned to curling my eyelashes.

Sometimes I heat the eyelash curler (just a little) with a warm blowdryer for extra staying power.

My lashes are long enough so I gravitate toward volumizing formulas, like this one. I start at the base of my eyelid and wiggle the wand back and forth horizontally, gradually shimmying it to the end of the lash.

I go back and hit the lashes in the inner and outer corners, using the same horizontal motion.

Right after, I take a clean mascara wand and sweep from the base to the end of the lashes while spinning the wand between my fingers. This removes excess mascara, clears any clumps, and separates lashes.

I use waterproof mascara on my bottom lashes because if I don’t I’ll have black under my eyes within an hour. I know I touch my face too much during the day, especially my eyes, so I need something with staying power.

To clean up lashes that get stuck together in that really annoying triangle formation, I take a cotton swab soaked in baby oil and work through the lashes. This creates the most natural effect and keeps my lashes looking real instead of “spidery” (I know you know what I’m talking about).

And voila! Quick, easy, and painless lashes!

One thought on “Lovely Lashes

  1. Christian

    Not sure about the eyelashes, but your eye color is magical. The greenish, hazel color is perfect. Something I was always mesmerized by when you were calling me on my B.S…lol.


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