November 17, 2017

Lately I’ve been too busy to stop by. Lately I’ve been working on several projects (that I’m excited to share with you soon), and lately, I’ve been in my head way too much. Remember when I said 2016 was a dumpster fire? I would like to issue a retraction because this year has given me a run for my money. Topping this list is the fact that we almost lost my sister. I guess I haven’t really dealt with it and out of respect for her and my family, I won’t lay out here. But, needless to say it’s been hard and I feel like it’s changed a lot and… idk what else to say…

I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now so this blog has fallen to the bottom of my to-do list. Any trips I wanted to plan have been put on hold, and all of my energy is going in to my portfolio. To be honest, I think I’m motivated by the fear of the future more than anything. I’m not complaining though, it drives me to push myself harder to get it all done. Through this process, I’ve felt grateful, for finding what feels like a calling, for getting a second chance before it’s too late, and for the path the lead me here. At the risk of being totally cheesy and cliche, everything happens for a reason, including our failures. I can only hope the new year will bring brighter beginnings.



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