How to Eat a Cupcake

July 1, 2014


Cupcakes are delicious and undeniably adorable, yes? But have you ever noticed all the sweet stuff’s on top? For those of you who don’t shove the whole cake in your mouth in one massive bite (ahem, boyfriend), here’s a clever way to enjoy your next cupcake…

Unwrap the cupcake and cut the cake portion in half from side to side. Place the cupcake butt on top of the icing and you’re left with a cupcake sandwich. This method ensures even icing distribution with each bite. It’s easier to hold too, and you won’t look like a monster strategically biting around the cupcake in hopes of maintaining the icing to cake ratio. And this way you can easily take smaller, more even bites.

Do you have a fun way to eat a favorite food? Hope you enjoy the cupcake sandwich method next time you’re celebrating!


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