welcome to the weekend

April 25, 2014


Yay for the weekend! I’m excited for my mom to come visit. We may hit up the crawfish boil downtown and enjoy a cocktail or two outdoors (aka my favorite pastime). Hope you have a wonderfully FUN weekend! Here’s this week’s roundup…

Constantly asking myself, “What would Leslie Knope do?”

And also, Which Parks and Recreation Character Are You?

How America speaks

The Great Debate: Ladurée vs. Pierre Hermé 

Hey, remember when I became obsessed with cleanses? I’m not the only one.

Now that we know we’re not alone in binge watching our favorite shows, how do you feel about re-watching your favorites? Can’t stop watching Weeds… again.

Almost-fell-out-of-my-chair in love with these sandals … these too.

Seriously considering flying to NYC just for one day to see this. SERIOUSLY.

The History of Pizza


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