Have a Beautiful Weekend

September 19, 2014



I’m so glad we’ve made it to the weekend! Any fun plans lined up? I’m going to the beach one more time before Summer is gone for good, and whipping up something delicious on Sunday. Here’s to a beautiful weekend…

Yoga hacks for desk dwellers

Not loving the look of cords running through your room? Five ways to jazz ’em up.

I’ve always wanted a relationship like this.

I am dying over this bouquet.

How to make funfetti cake from scratch

#Swoon: Men to watch this Fall

What do Kurt Vonnegut, Mary-Kate Olson, and Bono have in common?

What to do with 12 hours in London

Have you gotten your iPHONE 6? There was a line around the block when I drove past the store this morn!





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