June 20, 2014


You guys, it’s here. SUMMER. IS. HERE. You know, officially. It’s been summer for about two months here in Florida, but now it’s official.  My weekend will be spent laying in the sun with a few new books and an ice-cold beverage in hand.  I hope you’re somewhere sunny for the summer solstice! Here are a few links that caught my eye this week…

10 Beauty Compliments Every Girls Loves

Shades I’m swooning over. (You can never have too many, btw.)

How do you feel about wall hangings? I thought them a little too ’70s for my taste, but these are neon and awesome.

Do you use face mist? I’m kind of digging the idea…

Holy cuteness. A DIY pig planter.

This dress looks comfy AND cute.

I don’t even know what a dragon fruit margarita would taste like, but it’s pretty so I’m in.

A pop of color for your patio/wall/ceiling/etc.


Excited to share more with you next week! xo


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