Halloween Inspiration: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

October 21, 2014

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With Halloween right around the corner, I’ve been looking for costume inspiration everywhere from TV and movies, to historical figures and politicians. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic. With an extensive cast of outlandish characters, this film is the perfect inspiration for a group costume, or to go solo. Here are a few supplies and tutorials for a Rocky Horror Halloween…

Dr. Frank-n-furter // wig, surgical gown, gloves, mary-janes, makeup

Brad // glasses, jacket, shirt, khakis + Janet // dress, sweater

Magenta // lashes, lipstick, makeup, dress, boots (I’m pretty anti-wig when it comes to Halloween costumes, so crimp, tease, and spray hair red for the full Magenta look.)

Columbia // top hat, jacket, bow tie, top, shorts, makeup

Riff Raff // wig, jacket, shirt, gloves, makeup

Rocky Horror // gold speedo, sunless tanner


P.S. – Halloween Inspiration: Karl Lagerfeld

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