Fourth of July Highlights

July 10, 2015


I took a few days off work last week to spend time with family and celebrate the Fourth. Mom and I caught up as usual, Dad grilled steaks for the holiday, and Sis and I played around with our cameras. It was low-key and yet super fun. I had a ton of left over sparklers from last year, so we put them to good use and took some photos, just for funsies…

Our neighbors had quite the stash of fireworks so we went out front and took in the show. Now, as someone who is afraid to open her own champagne bottle, I’m not keen on the big, loud fireworks. These were fun, but the heavy duty explosions right over my head kind of freaked me out.


I took these shots from our backyard, which was awesome because we didn’t have to fight any crowds for an amazing show. Unfortunately, these are the only photos I took because they were really loud and scared me every time. I am chicken.



Then my sis and I got creative with some light writing. It was so fun! We were searching for total darkness to get the best shots, which was surprisingly difficult. Between the street lamps and house lights, the ‘burbs are bright at night! We managed to capture a few shots, though…

I wish we lived closer to each other because it’s so fun to get together and just create. I love an impromptu photo session and bouncing ideas off of each other. Also, props to Dani for helping me manipulate my camera settings to take some of these photos. You can see more of her work here.

+ Photos by Danielle Wiebe


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