DIY Planter

November 17, 2014

DIY / home


I’ve had this set of ceramic canisters for 10 years. I bought them with my mom when I was moving into my first college apartment, and they’ve made so many moves with me, always landing on my kitchen counter. A cute set of three holding flour, sugar, and leftover ketchup packets from fast food joints. Until now. I dropped the lid to the largest canister on the counter and it busted, so now my cute set of three is a cute set of two. I love recycling old containers for my greenery, so this is how I transformed my mistake into something I love looking at everyday.





This container is tricky because it does not have a hole in the bottom to drain excess water. I placed a layer of rocks in first to prevent excess water from rotting the plant’s roots. Then I topped the rocks with soil, added the plant, and topped it off with more soil and a big drink of water.



And there you have it! He’s kind of a funny shape right now, but I’m hoping he likes his new (recycled) home next to Piggy.

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