El Morro

October 26, 2016



Guys. I am so behind. I’ve traveled to some really fun places this past year but I’m so behind in sharing. Truth be told, I didn’t even finish posting the rest of L.A…. and that was in January! Maybe I’ll do a flashback post.. idk, haven’t worked it out yet. Stay tuned. ANYWAY. Look! I went to Puerto Rico! It was fun and colorful and adventurous and here’s what I did first…


We stayed in Viejo San Juan, which is like the Orlando of the island: touristy and colorful. It’s totally walkable which is exactly what we did our first morning. We walked to El Morro, a national historic site located at the edge of the island. It makes for a beautiful photo opp, and it was free and relatively vacant, so you know I was all about it.


This type of history is not exactly my cuppa tea, but from what I gather, Columbus landed on PR, claimed it for Spain, later the Dutch wanted in on the action but didn’t last, the British invaded somewhere along the way, and after the Spanish-American War, the U.S. took control of it. It was partially restored and used to monitor the surrounding waters in WWI and WWII, and the surrounding lawn was converted to a golf course.



We climbed to the top for the gorgeous views. I’m not sure if you can tell, but my knees are totally wobbly here. Anything for that vacay shot…



I didn’t anticipate such a hilly lanscape in Puerto Rico but it adds to the character and beauty of the island. We returned to the El Morro area a few days later and the lawn was filled with families flying colorful kites. It was a really cool sight to see.


Stay tuned, I still have brightly colored buildings, blue cobblestone and a rainforest to show you! Xx

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