Day Trip: St. Petersburg, FL

June 30, 2015


A few weeks ago, I joined my dad and sister for a day in St. Petersburg, Florida. The highlight of the trip was a return to The Dali Museum, which I had not visited in several years. Surrounded by palm trees and sunny weather, I enjoyed some HQ time with the fam and snapped a few shots along the way…



Upon admission to the museum, patrons climb the winding staircase and gaze out of the giant window, out onto the marina. We opted for the audio tour, and I loved standing under the beautifully domed ceiling learning about the architecture of the building. Did you know that even though the window panes look uniform, each pane of glass in that ceiling is a different size and shape?


Of course, I couldn’t help but pose with the Dali and da Vinci cutouts. I especially like the expression on Dali’s face. I feel like there’s a caption contest in there somewhere…


Dali was kind of a bad-ass. He was formally trained to paint in the impressionistic style popular at the time and then was all like, “I’mma do what I want.” and basically defined the Surrealist movement. He was influenced by psychologist Sigmund Freud, religion, and science. Very different vibe from that of my visit with Mr. Warhol.

Many of the paintings on display at the museum were like those fun puzzles you do as a kid. In Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea, you see Dali’s wife, Gala, gazing out of a window, but back up 20 feet and you see a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Fun! A lot of the paintings had multiple scenes within the same frame, which made me wonder what kind of drugs he was on at the time of conception.

PHOTO OP! Dad posing at the iconic Dali mustache. Not a bad backdrop, eh?

Even the exterior of the museum is consistent with Dali’s surrealist style. The windowed dome, now seen from the outside, almost looks like it’s moving into the concrete building. And the melting clock bench is a blatant shout-out to one of his most famous works: The Persistence of Memory.

Outside of the museum is a tree covered in visitor wristbands. Like throwing a penny in a wishing well, the museum encourages patrons to make a wish and leave his or her wristband upon exiting the grounds. I just liked all the pretty colors (duh).

It was a great day with great company. If you’re in the St. Pete area, The Dali Museum hosts a of bunch of events like cult classic movie nights and local beer tastings outside every month. Food trucks and picnic games like corn-hole precede the movie, and the next showing is Top Gun on August 6th. Sounds like so much fun; I’m jealous I don’t live closer!

PS. My day trips to Savannah, GA and Thomasville, GA.

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