Color Craving

October 28, 2014

inspiration / style

I have a confession to make: I don’t like fall. Hear me out. It’s basically like summer is dying, and summer is my favorite. There’s the beach, and sunshine, and heat, and the days are long. There are icy drinks poolside and fireworks, and grilling outdoors. What is not to love?! And then there’s fall. The trees are literally dying, and the days get ridiculously short and dark. I mean if we’re being honest here, do you know what people love most about fall? It’s pumpkin spice. It’s a flavor… And I’m more of a vanilla latte kinda gal anyway.

I digress. While the seasons change and preferences grow toward cooler weather and darker colors, I’m still in love with these beautiful images. I’ve been searching for decor inspiration tirelessly, and these muted hues with¬†pops of saturated color really speak to me. They’re cheery without being obnoxious, and I’m trying to wrangle them into my home for an uplifting vibe year ’round.

(click images for sources)

So, there you have it. And before you hate me forever for shaming pumpkin spice, I hope these gorgeous colors have brightened your day just a little bit. okbye.


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