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Hotels that Inspire: Quirk Hotel

April 11, 2016

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I love love love staying at boutique hotels. There’s something so cool about local art on the walls, unique installations in the lobby and impeccable styling at the hotel restaurant. I stayed at The Line in L.A., and it was the perfect reflection of uber-trendy Koreatown. I’ve been looking to visit a few other cities around the country this summer, one of which is Richmond. After finding the Quirk Hotel, I’m even more inspired to stop in and stay.


The lobby is bright and colorful with delicate details. It was constructed in 1916, which is why it has those gorgeous arches. Looks like the perfect place to people watch while enjoying a cup of the hotel’s signature blend coffee.

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February 11, 2016

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I look at Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to treat myself. (You know, “Treat yo’ self!”) It’s a chance to feel extra girly by getting a mani/pedi, or splurging on a luxury candle or perfume. And since I’m single, I can celebrate any way I want…  which may or may not be watching Love Potion No. 9 while drinking champagne in my pajamas, and Snapchatting my sister. Ah, the little things… Any way you wanna celebrate, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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April Beauty Buys

April 30, 2015

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April Beauty Buys

Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask // It’s that time of year again, where the weather starts to warm up and the humidity begins to reappear. I’ve touched on my E.F.S. (extreme face shine) before, so in an effort to keep things clear before the sauna of a Florida August arrives, I’ve turned to this No. 7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask. To use it, I splash my face with water and then rub a generous amount of the mask, which feels warm when dispensed, on my skin. I wait about five minutes and rinse with warm water. I like that this formula is relatively inexpensive, doesn’t smell terrible, and it’s made for oily skin but doesn’t over-dry my face.

Living Proof Blowout // After trying a new hair routine for awhile, I was in desperate need of a heat protectant. I bought Living Proof Blowout in the trial size because I’ve had a love-hate relationship with styling products in the past and just cleaned out a graveyard of unused products under my sink. Because my hair is so fine, it’s easy for products to weigh my hair down or leave it feeling dirty or greasy, so I’m pretty thrilled that this spray (when applied sparingly) leaves my hair soft and shiny but voluminous. And it smells great, just like all of the Living Proof products!

Chi Pro Hair Dryer // Initially I was plagued with buyer’s remorse after buying this hair dryer. I didn’t really need a new dryer, mine worked fine. But it didn’t have a nozzle, which made my attempts at mimicking my hairdresser’s fantastic blowouts tricky. I  bought this Chi Pro Hair Dryer because it was on sale, had a nozzle, and was smaller and lighter than my previous model. The remorse dissipated after my first blowout, which was bouncier and shinier than ever before.

Living Proof Restore Conditioner // I’ve bought several Living Proof products over the past few months and some I would consider borderline life-changing. This conditioner is one of those products. Restore conditioner tamed my face frizzies (you know, the little wispy hairs around your hairline and part that frizz up the minute you walk outside no matter what kind of heat or spray you use), and softened my hair without feeling heavy. Again, I can’t commit so I tried the trial size first, but I’m going back for the biggen just as soon as this runs out.

Living Proof Thickening Mousse // I bought this mousse in a trial size combo pack with shampoo and conditioner, and immediately thought, “Hm, mousse. How 90’s.” BUT, one day I had ample time to mess around so I gave it a whirl. I’m so used to keeping any kind of product away from the roots of my fine hair, that it felt unnatural to plop a whole dollop of mousse on top of my head. Once I learned to apply a small amount and dry it with a round brush, the volume was impressive.

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February Beauty Buys

February 12, 2015

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There’s something about Valentine’s Day and the whole lovey-dovey feeling that surrounds it that makes me want to get a little more dolled up. While I have absolutely no plans this Valentine’s (is binge watching Friends reruns and eating frozen yogurt by the pint a plan?), I love taking the time to feel pretty. Here are a few products perfect for just that…

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat // Okay, full disclosure, I was looking for Clinique Airbrush concealer but I believe it’s been discontinued, so I opted for this. I love the light formula and the fact that it not only conceals my terrifyingly dark circles, it brightens the under-eyes too. Plus, there’s a clicky button on the bottom that you push to dispense more product. So it’s fun.

Benefit Benetint // This cheek and lip stain is one of those cult favorites that I’ve read about for years and couldn’t justify spending the dough on, until I tried it. The color is sheer and build-able so you can adjust the intensity of the stain depending on your needs. Plus, it’s not going anywhere. I wore it all day and it lasts through it all. And, because Benetint is a stain, there’s no powder or added texture sitting on your cheeks – it looks like a totally natural, glowy, flush. So basically, I’m in love. With Benetint.

Essie – Berry Naughty (similar here) // I bought this color on a whim around Christmas and have worn it almost every week since. It’s dark but not vampy, like an oxblood, and it flatters light and dark skin tones, which can be tricky to pull off. This week I’m wearing it on my toes with Barefoot and Topless on my fingers. It’s my rosy nod to Valentine’s Day.

Sephora eyelash curler // As I mentioned before, I just started curling my lashes again. I researched a bunch of different curlers and found this one to be moderately priced, well-constructed, and comparable to luxury brands. I liked the simple packaging and the fact that two refill rubber bumpers were included.

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder // I’ve struggled with E.F.S. (extreme face shine) for a very long time and have always shied away from powders because they leave a flat matte face and cakey texture on my skin. Not the case with this one – I use it to set my foundation in the morning and find it keeps everything in place longer. I love this brand in general because each product feels luxurious. This powder has officially been added to my repertoire.

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Bathroom Progress

February 2, 2015

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So, it may seem odd, but the first room I wanted to decorate in my apartment was the bathroom. The vision of a bright white room with pops of color and a California cool kinda vibe inspired me.  I love that it’s much larger than my last bathroom and while I’m not totally finished with the makeover, I thought I’d share the progress so far…

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