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Currently Into #4

August 15, 2016




Eventide Collective // I’ve grown slightly obsessed with searching for affordable art online. There are so many choices and more popping up everyday. While some sites definitely have quantity over quality, Eventide Collective has perfectly curated collections of modern photo prints available for purchase online. From beach landscapes, to Vegas lights, the prints on Eventide are beautiful and offered in several different sizes. I love each collection and frequently reference the site when looking for inspiration for my own photo shoots.

Flat white // Everyone has their go-to coffee drink. Maybe you’re a purist and drink it black. Maybe you go all out and order that frappucino with the jazzy drizzle on top. For over a decade, my fancy drink (you know, the one you order when you have enough stars for a freebie) has been a triple grande non-fat no whip white mocha. I know, it sounds obnoxious.  Here lately though, I’ve been addicted to a non-fat flat white. It’s just restretto espresso blended with milk, but it is so dang smooth. It’s definitely the grownup version of my previous sugary white mocha.

Sword and Scale // On a recent road trip, I discovered the true crime podcast Sword and Scale. The hour long episodes tell stories of some of the most gruesome and unbelievable criminals in recent history. I’m a true crime junkie, and working in the industry only fuels my curiosity into these cases. I like the format which details cases primarily through recorded witness testimony and news reports. If you’re like me and love Dateline and Serial, check out Sword and Scale.

Anthony Bourdain // I got hooked on Anthony Bourdain while researching my New Orleans trip. He’s hosted a few shows over the years, and while the formats have varied slightly, they all pretty much center around him traveling, meeting locals, and eating regional food. I like all of these ideas and his dry, witty writing so I’ve been binging on No Reservations, The Layover, and Parts Unknown. Bourdain has been everywhere from Sao Paolo to Brooklyn and has shared some of the most exclusive trends in food and culture with a generally down-to-earth and accessible vibe. Even though he’s very much a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy, I dig everything he shares in his travels and confidently use his shows as travel resources.



J.Crew swim // I’m taking one last trip this year, to Puerto Rico, to finish off the summer the best way I know how: exploring, eating, drinking, and beaching. I’ve needed a new bathing suit for awhile now, but I don’t exactly jump at the prospect of bathing suit shopping. To alleviate some of the pain, I turned to J.Crew. They’re playful patterns, bold color combos, and classic cuts create excitement more so than dread when looking for a new suit. Familiar with the excellent quality of J.Crew, I went with a timeless black bikini that I’m confident will remain in style and good condition for years to come.


August 11, 2016



going through old photos tonight realizing just how clueless i was in 2013. clueless about my camera, traveling abroad, relationships, life. it’s a bittersweet memory, mostly because i was in beautiful Paris and London but captured it so terribly. traveling is supposed to teach, inspire and give perspective, and while my first trip abroad did all of those things, i think i’ve learned even more in looking back at it years later.

hi, rn.

March 28, 2016



It’s been too long. For that, I apologize. I wish I had some genuinely awesome, original content to share with you right now. Unfortunately, I do not. BUT. I can tell you what’s been going on lately, and what I hope to share with you soon…

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Hello, 2016.

January 23, 2016



HI! I’m back from California! It was an incredible trip and I’m so excited to share! Just wanted to drop a line (the first of 2016) and mention that 1) I am alive and, 2) this year is off to a good start! As you can see, I changed the look of the blog (again) because I have some really great photos and I think this format is ideal for showcasing images. I’ll be tweaking everything in the coming days, so I hope you enjoy the new look. See you next week with everything L.A.!


2015: Year in Review

December 31, 2015

holiday / life


The end of the year is always a time to pause and reflect. It’s crazy to think that I’ve lived in this apartment on my own for over a year. I really love it, and feel proud of all that I’ve accomplished in 2015. I went back to school, which has been a scary/fun/rewarding/exciting thing. I took a few small trips and enjoyed time with loved ones. In an effort to highlight the highs of 2015, I thought I’d share my favorite posts…


A day trip to Thomasville, Georgia with my mom


Making my apartment my own

Sharing my tricks for the perfect eyelashes


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some things.

December 14, 2015



Hey, how’s it goin’? I know I haven’t been around much, but it’s kind of a good thing. I’ve started a more demanding design course that has taken a good chunk of my time. I’m learning Illustrator and my assignments have been my creative outlet for the past few weeks, so, yay! That, coupled with the holidays and the fact that it gets dark and like, 3:30 p.m. now (okay, more like 5), the days are flying. I DO have a few fun post ideas floatin’ about in my brain, and will do my very best to share soon. In the meantime, here’s a quick recap of life lately…

After Thanksgiving, I realized I have mere weeks to fit into a dress I’ve had for over a year and never worn but designated it my ‘party dress’ for the office Christmas party on the 23rd. I immediately give up caffeine (WHY?!) and initiate my go-to cleanse. Day 2, my body is literally revolting against me and I leave work early with a nauseatingly intense withdrawl headache. Day 3, I feel like I can lift a car. Idk, but I’m drinking coffee as I write this; tea is for the birds. I’m drinking more water and trying to work out more than twice a week… pray for me.

I’m going to L.A.!!!!!!!!! A few weeks ago I somewhat impulsively purchased two plane tickets to L.A. I’ve never been west of Texas, so I’m super excited to see the west coast! While I had high hopes for traveling abroad this year, being in school just doesn’t make it realistic. I thought I’d take the opportunity to see the country while keeping up with the work too. Basically, I already have everything planned including this, this, and THIS and so much more. I’d also like to drive out to Venice for fish tacos, Palm Springs to see a desert in irl, and walk the Santa Monica Pier because I’m a tourist. Any recommendations? Let me know!

In other news, work has been going really well. I work with a revolving door of part-time employees, usually college students, and while I could tell you some horror stories, the people I’m working with right now are absolutely wonderful. You don’t realize it until you don’t have it anymore, but when everything runs smoothly and you can trust them to run the office without cracking a whip, it’s basically amazing. That, and they are wonderful human beings that will totally indulge in some gal chat with me.

And let’s just talk about the really small (but still amazing) stuff right now: SERIAL is back with a new season and I’m thrilled, this game was the highlight of my Thanksgiving (SO many laughs!), I’m catching up on Homeland rn, and I’m all like, “Please don’t die, Quinn!”, next week I’m indulging in my only (single-person) holiday tradition: Love Actually and Christmas baking… I bought a life-changing eyeliner that I think you show know about, I want these shoes like whoa and they’re sold out EVERYWHERE. I stumbled upon this show, and have a new TV crush. And, I’m addicted to Snapchat. Again. (@AmyWiebe).

More soon!


Payday Splurges

November 12, 2015



Ever since moving out out on my own, I try to stick to a strict budget. Some months I’m better at it than others, but there are some things that I love to splurge on after getting that paycheck. Before paying the bills and buying groceries, it’s a very small opportunity to feel rebellious. I like to buy small things that I don’t necessarily need, but that give me great if not temporary joy. Some of my payday splurges have come and gone, but here are a few of my enduring favorites…

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A Science-y Video (sorry.)

October 5, 2015


So, I had to take physics. PHYSICS. I was not thrilled, but managed to make it out alive. The final project required a recorded experiment exemplifying a physics topic relating to design. I tried to incorporate as little science as possible, as you can see, and used this short as my first attempt  at using Final Cut Pro. It was fun learning the basics, and I’m looking forward to making more videos with very different content. In the meantime, hope you enjoy!

Weekend Vibes

September 14, 2015

life / weekend

I love weekends (who doesn’t?!), but ever since I’ve gone back to school, most are dedicated to homework and/or adulting (chores, shopping, bill paying, etc). Pros: sleeping in and drinking coffee in my pajamas for an otherwise unjustifiable amount of time. Cons: feeling disconnected from the city I live in, its people, and the world in general. It’s a weird thing, these weekends. I love my alone time, probably more than most, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This weekend was particularly lovely. I spent it alone, as I do most weekends (okay, that’s not supposed to sound as lame as it does), but there were a few highlights in particular that made it a really good weekend.

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