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Spoke to Me | 2

July 31, 2017

Do you love Ted Talks? I often find myself down a rabbit hole of Ted Talks in the mornings to get me motivated. This talk about buying less and traveling more really spoke to me. I’ll admit, there’s pressure to have the latest clothes, the nice car, and a fabulously stylish home. But, what if we adjusted our values just a little bit? Instead of putting money toward things, we put it toward experiences that challenge us and grow our minds and views…?

Hotels that Inspire: Quirk Hotel

April 11, 2016

bedroom copy

I love love love staying at boutique hotels. There’s something so cool about local art on the walls, unique installations in the lobby and impeccable styling at the hotel restaurant. I stayed at The Line in L.A., and it was the perfect reflection of uber-trendy Koreatown. I’ve been looking to visit a few other cities around the country this summer, one of which is Richmond. After finding the Quirk Hotel, I’m even more inspired to stop in and stay.


The lobby is bright and colorful with delicate details. It was constructed in 1916, which is why it has those gorgeous arches. Looks like the perfect place to people watch while enjoying a cup of the hotel’s signature blend coffee.

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Victor’s Bedroom

April 4, 2016



I recently made the state-long trek from Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale to visit my friend, Victor, and see his apartment for the first time. His place is charming and quiet and in typical bachelor fashion, completely empty. Although Vic’s somewhat of a nomad, I keep trying to stress the importance of a comfortable home, an HQ, a space of his own. Because he has tried to hire me as his life coach for the past three years, and because I love a project, I’ve assembled a design plan for his space.

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February 11, 2016


I look at Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to treat myself. (You know, “Treat yo’ self!”) It’s a chance to feel extra girly by getting a mani/pedi, or splurging on a luxury candle or perfume. And since I’m single, I can celebrate any way I want…  which may or may not be watching Love Potion No. 9 while drinking champagne in my pajamas, and Snapchatting my sister. Ah, the little things… Any way you wanna celebrate, Happy Valentine’s Day!

balenciaga b. / eberjey jammies / love potion no. 9 / philosophy bubble bath / diptyque candle / gal chat / a drink that’s pink

PS. Valentine’s Day, 2015

For the Love of Design

June 3, 2015



In celebration of my return to design school this week, I thought I’d share a few examples of what’s been inspiring me lately. I love the colors, contrast and typography used in each of these layouts. I hope in the coming months I’m able to create projects that are just as beautiful and inspiring as these works. For more, visit my Pinterest page here.

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