Blueberry Muffins

June 2, 2015


For Christmas, my dad got me a big, comfy chair for my apartment balcony and a few weeks ago it was finally delivered. (Yes, it took five months for the chair to actually reach my front door. Twas quite the ordeal which is why the store from which it was purchased shall remain nameless.) As I came home and my front door came into view, there was no chair. I called down to the apartment complex and it had been delivered to the office. There was no way I could have hauled the massively heavy box to my front door so the staff was kind enough to carry it upstairs for me.

Fast forward two weeks later and I’m enjoying warm evenings on my balcony thanks to the strength and kindness of the apartment fairies. I decided to thank them with muffins. Unfortunately, my first attempt did not go well. I baked chocolate chip muffins but they turned out like little hockey pucks. Very dense and dry, but I had no choice but to give the office staff hockey puck thank you muffins. They were appreciative but the whole time I handed the box over I was silently thinking, ‘oh don’t thank me yet.’

I was pretty disappointed in my failed attempt at a thank you, so I tried again with a trusted recipe a la Martha Stewart. These muffins are soft and moist, and I baked ’em up extra big. If you’re looking to bake someone a thank you, I recommend a batch of classic blueberry muffins.



Recipe from Martha Stewart

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