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September 18, 2014



It seems every time I turn around there’s a new beauty product on the market that is kind of like what I already have, but just a little different. While it’s always fun to pop on a new shade of lipstick or try out a beauty trend, there are some staples that I always have on hand. These products have multiple uses, last a long time, and cost next to nothing!


St. Ives Scrub has been my favorite facial exfoliating scrub for over a decade. It leaves my face feeling oh-so soft and smells deliciously fruity. It’s all natural and less than 5 bucks, so you  can’t beat it. I’m currently using the pink lemon and mandarin orange scrub, but the  apricot scrub has been my go-to for years. For double duty, try shaving your legs with it – your skin will never feel softer.


In a world where the beauty industry reinvents the wheel every other week, there remains a mascara that’s stood the test of time. Maybelline Great Lash has been in ladies’ beauty routines for over 40 years for a reason – it just works. I love it because from start to finish, I get a consistent amount of mascara on the wand, and it doesn’t clump or dry out like other brands. The waterproof formula has recently changed my life (I know, where have I been all this time?!), and it’s safe to wear with my contact lenses. Even better? I know I’m always going to be able to buy it again, and it costs less than ten bucks.


If you don’t have baby oil in your beauty routine, you should. Baby oil is an amazing moisturizer. I put it on when my skin is super dry – like after a day in the sun. It’s also an inexpensive makeup remover. Put it on a cotton ball and easily swipe away eye-makeup.


EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS. There, I said it. Aquaphor can be used in a multitude of ways. Put it on your heels and cover with socks before bed so you wake up to super smooth tootsies. Use it as cuticle cream, lip moisturizer, and eye makeup remover. Rub a smidge into your split ends or tame flyaways. Mix your favorite eye shadow for a bold cream shadow. Rub on your elbows and knees for extra moisture throughout the day. I even dab a little around my eyes before bed to prevent fines lines.

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  1. Lisa

    Thank you for following me on Twitter – I love your blog and can’t wait to explore it more 🙂 I will have to try the baby oil – what a great tip!


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