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February 2, 2015

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So, it may seem odd, but the first room I wanted to decorate in my apartment was the bathroom. The vision of a bright white room with pops of color and a California cool kinda vibe inspired me.  I love that it’s much larger than my last bathroom and while I’m not totally finished with the makeover, I thought I’d share the progress so far…


I took ‘before’ photos when I moved in, but cannot for the life of me find them. It’s really bugging me, and should I find them, I will update you immediately. For now, we’ll carry on without. The print over the towel rack is from Gray Malin, a photographer whose work I fell in love with last year. It was my first ‘fun’ purchase for the apartment and kind of a splurge.


I really wanted to paint the bathroom a fun color but it just seems pointless when renting. Plus, there is very little bare wall space and a lot of fixtures to maneuver around, so I opted for colorful wall art instead.  I’m in love with the amount of counter space and storage I have, but I’m not sure how to style thangs just yet…


This print is from Society6 and a Christmas gift from my mom.  The ceilings in my apartment are 11 feet tall, and the bathroom has two doors so I want to add personality but preserve the open and spacious feeling, too. That being said, I’m still trying to figure out how to keep my everyday beauty items on my counter without it looking like a clutter-bomb. Any suggestions…?


This rack is on the wall hiding behind the door you see in the mirror. It’s super handy because I can just push the hangers up when not in use, and it looks more like wall art than a functional piece of hardware.


And after about four months without a shower curtain, (I’m indecisive, okay?!) I went the simple route with a white cloth curtain. It keeps things bright and clean and I didn’t break the bank on it so I can always change things up later should I find something else.

So, there you have it. It’s a work in progress, but I’m liking where it’s headed. And I’m serious about that vanity situation, people. Any ideas on keeping my makeup within arm’s reach would be appreciated!

Here’s a list of the goods…

Gray Malin print / shower curtain / waste basket (similar) / candle (similar) / soap dispenser / catchall (similar) / bath towels / bath rug (similar) / hakunamatata print / wall hooks / makeup organizer

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