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June 9, 2017


In case you didn’t notice before, I’m about to give myself up right now. With each trip I take, I promise a post about this or that and inevitably run out of time to share and it never makes it here. After a week in Europe or an extended weekend in Puerto Rico, I have SO many photos and stories to share but real life catches up to me and I just don’t get to it before I’m on to the next trip. So. I’m ready to make it right. I’ll take you back in time to see the hidden gems from past trips that I didn’t get to share. You ready? With summer upon us, let’s head back to the sunny west coast…

No trip to L.A. would be complete without Santa Monica and Venice, so one sunny day, Dani, Vic and I drove our convertible to the beach for sun, sand, celebs. These photos practically take themselves! The bright colors of the Santa Monica Pier and the blue ocean are just gorgeous. Being from Florida, I’ve seen a beach or two, but the vibe of the west coast was infinitely more exciting.

After woofing down shrimp po boys and getting tipsy off one beer at The Albright, I suckered everyone into a ride on the ferris wheel. The views from above were incredible!

Later, we went over to Venice Beach to watch the sunset. We took photos of the iconic sign, watched skaters in the park, walked the beach, and cracked ourselves up at all the shenanigans. Even in January, it was bustling with life and outrageous personalities. I think the highlight for me was watching some young, very stoned guy sit on a hill with his friends, very clearly unaware of who he was or where he was. I may or may not have videoed it. Also, a guy with horns(!) wearing combat boots and tidy-whities cat-called my sister. It was amazing.

I think I get why Californians are always in a good mood. How gorgeous is this view?! Lately, I’ve been wondering what it’d be like to live on the west coast…

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