Alligator Point

August 24, 2015



The last time I went to Alligator Point, I was a freshman in college. I lugged a bunch of towels and coolers across the sand and set up shop with my roommates and stayed until we were as red as lobsters. Or, in my case, as brown as a raisin. It was a fun day and one of the reasons I wanted to go back for a visit. I’ve been on a bit of a quest to find the perfect beach spot in the panhandle and this memorable spot was in the running.


I thought about the makings of a perfect beach spot. The list is personal and detailed. My perfect beach must be: quiet, somewhat isolated, have white sand, the perfect land-to-ocean ratio, almost no wildlife (see below), and feature ocean with clear water.


I loved how secluded this spot was. I passed a few families on my trek down the beach, and then all was quiet. The white sand was a plus, but there was very little room to set up shop between the dunes and ocean. Another ‘threat’ was the gang of crabs running up and down the beach. I’m pretty sure at one point they were planning to gang up on me and carry me out to sea… I didn’t stay long enough to find out.


And while there are many charming features to Alligator Point, the deal breaker for me was the cloudy water. There was just too much ‘stuff’ in the water to get in, and brown, almost stagnant ocean does not scream, “JUMP ON IN, GIRL!” to me.


So, for this adventure, I enjoyed a long walk down the beach memory lane, caught a little sun, and called it a day. And as for my challenge to find my perfect North Florida beach spot, my adventure continues…


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