A Soundtrack for Time Travel

May 21, 2015


A Soundtrack for Time Travel


It’s amazing how a song has the power to transport me through time. A night out with college friends, falling in love, inside jokes, the summer of 2005, my first concert, and adventures in traveling. I’m reminded of all of these things and more in my latest playlist. I was inspired by a mixed tape (well, technically it was a CD) that a guy I briefly dated one summer made for me. He was really into music and had amazing taste, which translated nicely to the mix. Sadly, I lost the disc shortly after that summer but have managed to recover bits and pieces of it, along with some of my most favorite coming-of-age memories in this playlist. Unlike other lists I’ve shared, this one is meant to be played in sequential order. I hope you like it, and who knows, you just may do a little time traveling too. Xx

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