January 20, 2017


Oh, hi again. As usual, it’s been too long. As I write this, I should be finishing a project. It’s a Facebook page mock up for Leon County Humane Society and in the name of research I got on Facebook which led to scrolling through old photos (see above: Paris, 2013) and editing old photos and “What happened to those photos of x/y/z…?” and how about a blog post! So, here I am. This is my first post of 2017 and I feel like a lot has been going on, lots of plans in the works and so much to look forward to. So, here’s what I’ve got cookin’ for the year ahead…


January – Hello, 2017! Goodbye, dumpster fire that was 2016! I turned 32 which sounds SO old, but everyone I say that to is older than me and has zero sympathy so I’ll just leave it alone. If I wasn’t before, I am now, without a shadow of a doubt an adult. Despite the fact that I still iron my collar with the flat iron and can’t cook to save my life, I am. I know this because I work with college students who don’t know what a Trapper Keeper is and use the word ‘thirsty’ completely out of context. Sigh. This month, I’m super stoked to travel to Washington, D.C. on January 21st for the Women’s March on Washington. Despite the views of my co-workers, friends and some family members, I have many strong feelings about the new administration and the direction the country is headed and I want to do something about it. Not looking to crack any skulls here, just taking advantage of an opportunity to observe and hopefully learn. Plus, I think it would be top notch to hear Gloria Steinem speak in person.

February – Oops, I did it again. I bought tickets to Dashboard Confessional, this time in Tampa. How could I possibly? I just saw them. IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH! Plus, I heard they’re doing all the old stuff (the good stuff), no set lists, just letting the music happen, and performing in smaller venues. I think I would’ve started bleeding out of my eyes had they scheduled a show at House of Blues Orlando (they were the first concert I ever went to, and I paid $12 for the ticket!), but I’m still pretty stoked to see them again on the 16th. I consider it a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s?!) gift to myself. That, and a big bottle of this, which I’m currently wearing erryday.



March – Oh boy, this is it. This is the big one. You guys, I’m going to Amsterdam and Stockholm. That’s right, I’m jumpin’ that pond and then some. I’m taking a week-ish off work and flying to The Netherlands for art and canals and stroopwafels and tulips and windmills. Then I’m going even further north for a few days in Stockholm, Sweden where I’ll walk cobblestone streets, overindulge in fika, and travel via ferry throughout the archipelago. I’m so excited and nervous but mostly excited and I can’t wait! Of course, I’ll share it all here.

April – Ohhh. kay. Maybe the impulsive purchase of concert tickets is a disorder…? Like, first there’s restless leg syndrome, then it turns in to concerticketitis…? I bought tickets to see Andrew McMahon at House of Blues. Yes, that HOB. I am truly stoked to see him because 1. I saw him play piano on that same stage with Something Corporate over a decade ago (confirmation of adult status can also be found when you throw around the word ‘decade’ like it’s nothing), 2. the man puts on an amazing show as evidenced in NOLA last year, and 3. HOB! It’s small and intimate and filled with memories of a very special time in my life and I haven’t been back since, and 4. I’m going with mah gal pal, PIC, my sisterfriend, okay, it’s my sister. We share an appreciation for Andrew McMahon so I am grateful that we will both enjoy the evening instead of me dragging a friend to another show like, “I think they’ll play that one single you and everyone on the planet knows soon,” with the ol’ thumbs up/half smile.

Welp, that’s all I’ve got for now. In the midst of this, I will still be in the thick of my design program. In terms of curriculum, I’m headed for uncharted territory so by the time April rolls around, I will need to get boring. Boring like barricade myself in my apartment every weekend for months so I can perfect past projects, assemble a killer portfolio and become the artist that I need to be to get the hell outta dodge. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m so ready. January, 2018 will be here before we all know it. More soon. Xx

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