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Pensacola Beach Pier

April 26, 2016



When I was planning the final project for my digital photography class, I knew I wanted to shoot at the coast. I chose Pensacola Beach Pier because I had never been, but thought it was sure to attract more visual interest than the deserted beaches I love on lazy weekends. So, on a chilly and gray Saturday morning I hit the road, a little nervous about getting my shot. What I discovered was a pleasant surprise…


As soon as I arrived at the beach, I bought a walking pass onto the pier. It was sunny and I loved watching all the people with fishing poles line the edges of the pier. I walked to the end and looked for potential shots for my project. We were asked emulate a photographer of our choosing. I chose Max Wanger, a longtime favorite of mine.




I think I’m going to turn this one (above) in for my final. I love the simplicity and the composition mimics Wanger’s style perfectly. I took it from the very end of the pier, squeezed between fisherman with thick southern accents listening to country music.


I didn’t look at my watch while I was on the pier, but once I figured it out, I walked up and down for about three hours total. The changing light and never-ending movement of beachgoers proved inspiring and I couldn’t walk away. Unfortunately, my extended day on the pier led to a nasty sunburn (only on my wrists, back of my neck, and tops of my feet though!). But, the burn will fade, the photos will remain.

I finally called it quits after I ran out of water and the blisters on my feet burned as bad as my fresh sunburn. I walked over to The Stand for the best chicken taco I think I’ve ever eaten and an ice-cold Corona. I people-watched while I refueled and wished I had brought my bathing suit to enjoy the rest of the day.



Shortly after a stroll down the coastline, I decided to head home. I was almost sad to leave this vibrant, bustling beach. It was so beautiful and the people were so  nice. I plan to go back for a longer day next time, maybe without my camera, most definitely with sunscreen.

my diy nightstands

April 25, 2016

DIY / home


I troll Craigslist’s furniture section on the regular, however, it is rare that anything worthwhile pops in tiny Tallahassee. So, imagine my surprise when I found this pair of mid-century modern nightstands on sale for just 75 bucks for the pair. I immediately bought them, and they sat. They sat for about 6 months until I stripped and sanded them. And they sat for another month until I painted them. All in all, this was probably the world’s longest DIY project, but I’m so happy with the results, I thought I’d share….



The faux finish was a no-go and it looked so heavy on the wood, so I bought Goof Off to melt it away…

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Hotels that Inspire: Quirk Hotel

April 11, 2016

inspiration / style / travel

bedroom copy

I love love love staying at boutique hotels. There’s something so cool about local art on the walls, unique installations in the lobby and impeccable styling at the hotel restaurant. I stayed at The Line in L.A., and it was the perfect reflection of uber-trendy Koreatown. I’ve been looking to visit a few other cities around the country this summer, one of which is Richmond. After finding the Quirk Hotel, I’m even more inspired to stop in and stay.


The lobby is bright and colorful with delicate details. It was constructed in 1916, which is why it has those gorgeous arches. Looks like the perfect place to people watch while enjoying a cup of the hotel’s signature blend coffee.

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los angeles: part two

April 5, 2016



A few days in to our Cali trip, Victor joined us, and I was especially grateful that he insisted on driving. We kicked the day off with coffee and the super touristy attractions: The TCL Theatre and Walk of Fame, and ended the day at the Griffith Observatory.

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Victor’s Bedroom

April 4, 2016

home / inspiration



I recently made the state-long trek from Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale to visit my friend, Victor, and see his apartment for the first time. His place is charming and quiet and in typical bachelor fashion, completely empty. Although Vic’s somewhat of a nomad, I keep trying to stress the importance of a comfortable home, an HQ, a space of his own. Because he has tried to hire me as his life coach for the past three years, and because I love a project, I’ve assembled a design plan for his space.

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