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los angeles: part one

January 25, 2016


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As a Christmas present this year, I took my sister to Los Angeles. It was a somewhat impulsive decision, but those are sometimes the best. Last week, we boarded a plane and said adios to Florida for a whole week. So many important things happened on this trip! I learned (some) of the words to Hotling Bling, I found out why you want insurance on a rental car, my suspicions that everyone in L.A. is beautiful were more or less confirmed, and I saw Lisa Ling while eating a shrimp po’ boy at the Santa Monica Pier. I can’t wait to share all of the good times that were had but it’s going to take more than one post. Here is the first in a series of Cali posts, documenting our first few days in Los Angeles…

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Hello, 2016.

January 23, 2016



HI! I’m back from California! It was an incredible trip and I’m so excited to share! Just wanted to drop a line (the first of 2016) and mention that 1) I am alive and, 2) this year is off to a good start! As you can see, I changed the look of the blog (again) because I have some really great photos and I think this format is ideal for showcasing images. I’ll be tweaking everything in the coming days, so I hope you enjoy the new look. See you next week with everything L.A.!