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Have a [ lucky ] weekend

November 13, 2015



Hello! It’s been a week. And today is Friday the 13th!

After incessant rain, 80 degree temps, and swamp-like humidity, fall has arrived! I’m looking forward to an extra long walk through my ‘hood and trying out this DIY (eek!) this weekend. I’ve been all over the internet this week because… I don’t know why exactly. But the result is a plethora of links I’m excited to share. Here’s the round up. Hope you enjoy!

Have you watched Master of None yet? Aziz Ansari’s parents are all the rage.

A beautiful new Instagram feed to follow

Would you ever rock a monochromatic wardrobe?

Currently listening to… 

Pumpkin everything.

Where to apply perfume (and why)

I’ve already put the fam on notice that this is happening on Christmas Day.

The one thing all highly resilient people have in common.

Dear Santa, this please. Thank you.


See you next week! Xx

Payday Splurges

November 12, 2015



Ever since moving out out on my own, I try to stick to a strict budget. Some months I’m better at it than others, but there are some things that I love to splurge on after getting that paycheck. Before paying the bills and buying groceries, it’s a very small opportunity to feel rebellious. I like to buy small things that I don’t necessarily need, but that give me great if not temporary joy. Some of my payday splurges have come and gone, but here are a few of my enduring favorites…

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Not so mad ’bout plaid.

November 4, 2015



I think I’ve touched on this before, but it I’m going to repeat myself: I don’t like fall. I’m sorry pumpkin spice lovers of the world, I just don’t dig it. BUT, there is one recurring fall trend that I do love, and this year it seems bigger than ever: PLAID. While I’ve seen a lot of plaid in home decor this season (I’m lookin’ at you, Target), I prefer the classic plaid button up shirt for that fall feeling. Trade in my sandals for a pair of oxfords, and I’ve got the perfect fall uniform. Below are my the fall shirts at the top of my shopping list…

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