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A Quick Hello

July 22, 2015


Hi there! Just wanted to drop a line and let the world know I’m still here… I’ve been keeping busy with schoolwork but managed to sneak a quick trip to the beach in last weekend. I also made it a point to see Trainwreck, which was hilarious. What else has been going on in my world? It’s all pretty boring, really… Here’s what I’m loving at the moment…

Can’t stop browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Spotify made me a mix!

Reading this

Trying to organize a workout schedule I’ll actually stick with (ugh, fitness).

Watching everything he is in. Plus, this show will never get old.

I joined Snapchat! Follow me! AmyWiebe

How I feel most mornings

More later! Xx

Chocolate Chip Cookies

July 13, 2015


Okay, so I may have fallen off the healthy eating wagon for these cookies. But you know what? They were worth it. I followed the rabbit hole of this recipe, which came from this site, and was adapted from this recipe, and each time the authors claimed this cookie was the “only chocolate chip cookie recipe you’ll ever need.” With such high praise, I was intrigued. What made this cookie so amazing? I was determined to find out…

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Fourth of July Highlights

July 10, 2015


I took a few days off work last week to spend time with family and celebrate the Fourth. Mom and I caught up as usual, Dad grilled steaks for the holiday, and Sis and I played around with our cameras. It was low-key and yet super fun. I had a ton of left over sparklers from last year, so we put them to good use and took some photos, just for funsies…

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Ok, Bye.

July 1, 2015

travel / weekend


Happy early/holiday/long weekend! I’m headed home for a few days to spend a mini-vacay with family. I’m excited to wrap up a few home decor projects with the help of my mom, go out to dinner with my dad and sister, and join my aunt and her gal posse at the movies Thursday night. I’m sure grilling and sunning and swimming will be mixed in there too! Hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July!  Xx