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Ten Pound Crumb Cake

February 16, 2015


A few weeks back I had a serious carb craving so I whipped up this sweet coffee cake. There’s something very cozy about sleeping in, enjoying the morning light and sipping a cup of coffee while the smell of cinnamon permeates the apartment. I call it ten pound crumb cake because that’s how heavy it felt once assembled, and it’s very rich so naturally, I felt ten pounds heavier after eating it.

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Happy Galentine’s Day

February 13, 2015

holiday / weekend


Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies! I hope you’re celebrating with frittatas (or waffles) and your favorite gal pals. Have any fun Valentine’s Day plans? I am looking forward to catching a matinee, getting a massage, and splurging on a nice dinner (translation: the microwave will not be involved in its preparation). And, who knows? Maybe between the movie theater and the market I’ll meet the man of my dreams. I hope you have a lovely/sexy/fun/romantic weekend!

Here are the links:

A really insightful podcast about the difference between love and marriage, and the history of how the two ended up together.

The most entertaining recipe I’ve ever read. Also, a brilliant Valentine dinner idea.

Single? Then just make this for dinner.

Fifty Shades of Grey proves more dangerous than previously anticipated.

There’s still time to get your Valentine something lovely.

If you’re looking for my Valentine’s Day gift, I like puppies.

All the romantic comedies.

The perfect dinner date makeup to wow your beau

Keeping the hope alive.

And, a mix for you.


February Beauty Buys

February 12, 2015

beauty / style

There’s something about Valentine’s Day and the whole lovey-dovey feeling that surrounds it that makes me want to get a little more dolled up. While I have absolutely no plans this Valentine’s (is binge watching Friends reruns and eating frozen yogurt by the pint a plan?), I love taking the time to feel pretty. Here are a few products perfect for just that…

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat // Okay, full disclosure, I was looking for Clinique Airbrush concealer but I believe it’s been discontinued, so I opted for this. I love the light formula and the fact that it not only conceals my terrifyingly dark circles, it brightens the under-eyes too. Plus, there’s a clicky button on the bottom that you push to dispense more product. So it’s fun.

Benefit Benetint // This cheek and lip stain is one of those cult favorites that I’ve read about for years and couldn’t justify spending the dough on, until I tried it. The color is sheer and build-able so you can adjust the intensity of the stain depending on your needs. Plus, it’s not going anywhere. I wore it all day and it lasts through it all. And, because Benetint is a stain, there’s no powder or added texture sitting on your cheeks – it looks like a totally natural, glowy, flush. So basically, I’m in love. With Benetint.

Essie – Berry Naughty (similar here) // I bought this color on a whim around Christmas and have worn it almost every week since. It’s dark but not vampy, like an oxblood, and it flatters light and dark skin tones, which can be tricky to pull off. This week I’m wearing it on my toes with Barefoot and Topless on my fingers. It’s my rosy nod to Valentine’s Day.

Sephora eyelash curler // As I mentioned before, I just started curling my lashes again. I researched a bunch of different curlers and found this one to be moderately priced, well-constructed, and comparable to luxury brands. I liked the simple packaging and the fact that two refill rubber bumpers were included.

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder // I’ve struggled with E.F.S. (extreme face shine) for a very long time and have always shied away from powders because they leave a flat matte face and cakey texture on my skin. Not the case with this one – I use it to set my foundation in the morning and find it keeps everything in place longer. I love this brand in general because each product feels luxurious. This powder has officially been added to my repertoire.

PS – January Beauty Buys and my beauty overhaul

Lovely Lashes

February 9, 2015


Everyone has a physical trait they like most about themselves. For the longest time I liked my toes best. They’re cute and in descending order – very organized, just like me. Over the years though, I’ve received compliments on my eyelashes, and after venturing through some pretty awful beauty trials, have grown to love them most. So, here’s a glimpse at my morning routine for naturally lovely lashes.

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Have a (Great) Weekend

February 7, 2015


You. guys. This week has been a doozy. Don’t you love my handy work? It was my best attempt at hanging living room shelves. I even bought a drill for the job! Unfortunately, this is all I was left with… no worries, though. My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks and will make it all better. (What would we do without handy moms?!)

So, what are you up to this weekend? I’m looking forward to drinking too much coffee, getting my nails done, and catching a movie if time permits. Here are few links to check out, if you have time…

With Valentine’s Day right around corner, I’ve been craving pretty little things like this and this.

A happy kitchen (loving those cabinets!)

How to Prevent Burnout – 13 Signs You’re on the Edge

Haters beware!

Fashion according to your favorite Saved by the Bell character, Jessie Spano

Dying to watch this! Get it?! haha.

Five cities that bloom in spring.

Your Galentine’s Day starter kit <3

What’s Galentine’s Day?!

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Wednesday Wisdoms #16

February 4, 2015



Lately it seems like people around me have been expressing their judgment toward others and I gotta tell yah, it’s a total downer. It’s not necessarily about huge lifestyle choices or anything of great importance, but it’s said out loud and it makes me wonder what’s said about me in my absence. I know I shouldn’t worry about what others think of me, but judgment from others can feel paralyzing. I’m learning to steer clear of judgmental people and practicing being kinder than I sometimes feel.

Movie Night: The One I Love

February 3, 2015


I love a good romantic comedy so when I discovered The One I Love on Netflix one Saturday night (yes, I lead a thrilling life of movie-watching on my Saturday nights), I decided to give it a whirl. And it was really good! Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) are in the midst of marital trouble when they’re sent on a weekend retreat by their therapist. Only when they get to their destination they’re met with an unexpected surprise.

The One I Love kept me guessing up until the very end, and unlike other romantic comedies, it didn’t focus heavily on typical romantic themes but outlined the relationship between Ethan and Sophie in a very subtle way. Truth be told, I have quite the crush on Mark Duplass (which may or may not have been the catalyst for choosing to watch) and Elisabeth Moss plays the perfect Sophie – very soft-spoken and sweet, but borderline creepy in some scenes. Part mystery, part romantic comedy, it was a good flick I’d highly recommend for a date night.